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Our story begins in 1994 when John Woods and Mark Evans started a business magazine having spotted an opportunity to be the first full colour magazine in the insurance market. Using the then new power of DTP, Perspective Publishing was born, and over two decades the company has navigated new technologies and several recessions, moving from a paper-based magazine business to a truly multi-media organisation with interests in data, events, online and video. We now target the pensions, insurance, asset management and technology sectors, with many market leading brands.

Perspective Publishing has always worked hard to provide our community and clients with the very best service and value, and this approach has seen many of the same clients still partnering with us 20 years on. We thank our staff, clients and readers, and look forward to the next 20 years.


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IAM logo Compiled through original research, this up-to -date web portal gives you access to information on all UK-based insurers and their assets. The simple to use system allows you to log on and instantly see details of every organisation, in logical order. You can either go direct to the Insurer of interest, scroll through in alphabetical order, or bring up a chart of Insurers based on AUM and click direct to the company you would like to research.
Perspective Publishing has a vast amount of data in various verticals that it has collected over two decades. This means that it can create bespoke research in segmented markets and connect with the right sample audience, or carry out cross audience research. If you require any research, from simple polls on the web to in-depth qualitative and quantitative research we have the access, data and skills to deliver.

Larger projects have included:
  • Risk Management Attitudes in the UK Boardroom (for BT)
  • Attitudes to DC pension provision in the Future (for HSBC)
  • Attitudes to Security and Fraud in Finance (for ValidSoft)
  • FSA Recording Compliance (Teleware and BT)
  • Social Business Survey (IBM)
  • Risk and Risk Management in Not-for-Profits (Zurich)
  • Pensions Deficits in UK Charities
  • Multi-channel Donation
  • Asset Allocation Changes in UK Pension Funds

We also undertake small focus group discussions to assess qualitative responses to particular scenarios.